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In the middle of
The middle of 
The middle
There's a horn.
It's a riddle of
A riddle of
A riddle 
Who is born?

With a little white horse body?
A beard just like a goat?
A hairy tail and thin legs
Like a graceful antelope?

A horn that stands upwards 
From the middle of his head
Which begins with pink 
and finally ends with red?
In the middle of 
The middle of 
The forehead grows a horn.
And the answer
to the riddles 
is a wondrous unicorn. 
Ana K.
When will you see
Every scar of my mind
Every bruise of the heart?
When will you see 
Every tear I shed 
Every breakdown I had?
When will you see, 
What you're doing to me? 
Nejla P.