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It was day before Christmas, but the streets of London were still untouched by snow. Melissa was hurrying trough the lonely street, it was a shortcut to the mall. She was doing her last minute Christmas shopping. She exited a smaller shop, and huffed, she was getting desperate. Running around for two hours, trying to find a perfect gift for her boyfriend, Zayn, wasn’t easy. There were just stupid, impersonal things on the market, so she didn’t buy any of them. She already bought him a chocolate and his favourite aftershave, but she didn’t buy anything better. She gave up and decided she will buy Zayn a canvas and some paint or brushes. She already gave him that last year, but it was better than nothing, so she headed to the art supply store. She already knew the way, Zayn painted a lot. He was good at it, too. He has already sold some of his paintings, but Melissa was sure he would sell a lot more if he wasn’t so shy about his works. She was close to the art supply shop, when a bookstore caught her eye. It was small, but it looked decent from the outside. She entered it and noticed nobody was there, so she searched for the Shakespeare section herself. The girl sighed happily when she found it. Despite the fact that the collection was impressive, she quickly found the book she liked the most. She approached the counter, about to ring the bell, there were no workers around. Then, suddenly, an old man came from behind her and stepped behind the counter. He noticed the book she was holding and told her the price immediately. She found it quite cheap and dug through her purse for the money. When she pulled the money out, the man asked: “Are you buying for yourself?” Melissa shook her head at the smiling man, handing him the money. “No, this is for my boyfriend.” The man raised his eyes in amusement. After they said their goodbyes, Melissa wondered how rare is it to find a 23-year old man, who reads Shakespeare. Zayn surely didn’t look like someone who would read anything, with his black hair, styled into a quiff, leather jackets, black skinny jeans and his many tattoos. But she often found Zayn reading poetry, but mostly, Shakespeare. She noticed, that he read more often for the last two weeks, that he became more distant and that he would tense up every time she would enter the room.

She sighed, as she was getting close to hers – and Zayn’s apartment, they were living together for two years now. She unlocked the door and entered the living room. The black-haired boy wasn’t there, sitting on the sofa, reading or watching TV, like he usually did. She searched the apartment, but he wasn’t at home at all. It didn’t bother her, she still had to wrap presents for Zayn. After she wrapped the presents, she made dinner. Just as she was finishing, she heard the door open and close. Some shuffling followed it and then she heard Zayn’s familiar footsteps in the living room. The footsteps came closer and Zayn popped his head into the kitchen. Melissa was starstruck by his beauty once more, and she wasn’t even aware of the smile that stretched over her lips subconsciously. Still, after four years, she never got over his handsomeness. She took in his cheekbones, his noticeable jaw, his full bottom lip, the stubble on his face and lastly, his beautiful deep chocolate brown orbs. Melissa felt like she was drowning in them, even if they were shaded by concern a bit. She blinked and got off her haze, turning back to cook. She heard him coming closer and then a pair of arms snaked around her waist. Zayn rested his head on her shoulder, murmuring: “Hi.” Melissa smiled. “Hey.” She whispered back. The boy behind her began swaying them from side to side. “I missed you.” Zayn whispered, his warm breath hitting her ear. “I missed you too.” She said, her smile growing bigger. She could see Zayn smiling from her shoulder. The he leaned forward, giving her a quick peck on the cheek. Melissa grinned even more, if that was possible. “Where were you?” she asked. She was sure he went to do some last minute shopping for Christmas, like her. She could feel Zayn stiffen up, nervousness radiating from him. “Uh… I… I went to the mall…” he stuttered out, not really convincing her. A nasty thought of: “What if he’s cheating?” appeared in her mind, but she convinced herself that he probably didn’t want to tell her he bought something for her. The rest of the evening was awkward, so they both went to bed quickly.

The next morning, Melissa woke up alone in the bed. It was really strange, because she was usually always out of the bed before Zayn. He was a really heavy sleeper, and she was sure he could sleep through a war. She smelled pancakes and smiled widely. She tip-toed to the kitchen, where Zayn was just flipping a pancake and catching it back in the pan. When he noticed her, he smiled. It was one of those smiles that left her speechless. Zayn poured some syrup on the gigantic pile of pancakes and placed them on the table. He motioned the girl to come closer and when she did, he pulled the chair out for her. She grinned and sat down, receiving a sweet kiss from Zayn. “Merry Christmas.” He beamed the moment was ruined by the phone going off. Melissa was about to stand up, but Zayn already got the phone. “Hello? Perrie? Hey. Why are you calling?” That was the last thing she could hear, because the tanned man went to the living room. But Melissa was always an overly-curious person. She got up and went closer to the living room. “Yes, thank you so much for yesterday.” she heard. And it was completely enough. He was cheating on her. She ran past the living room and grabbed her coat, putting it on before running out, yelling: “I knew it! You’re cheating on me!” the tears were blurring her vision, but she didn’t care. She faintly noticed the thick layer of snow outside. She heard Zayn’s calls for her to stop, but she didn’t. She couldn’t. Melissa knew that she wouldn’t be able to get away from Zayn, if he was following her. He was a lot taller than her, his legs were much longer, so he would catch up quickly. Suddenly, she was stopped by two strong, too familiar arms. Zayn turned her around, on the verge of tears. “Please, just listen to me.” He pleaded. Melissa nodded, she knew what a stubborn person her boyfriend - ex-boyfriend? - was. “Look, Perrie is just my cousin. I thanked her, because she helped me yesterday…” she noticed that he pulled a small blue box out of his pocket. She blinked the tears away, her vision getting much clearer. She watched Zayn open the box with a hopeful expression on his face. Melissa’s eyes bulged out, when she noticed the silver ring with small blue crystals. Before she knew it, Zayn kneeled down, sinking his knee deep into the snow. “Melissa Louise Payne, would you marry me?” he asked, his eyes wide with fear and anticipation. The girl opened her mouth, but nothing came out, she was way too shocked. Zayn’s eyes got more and more concerned and Melissa realised, she had to answer. Zayn was just standing up, his face sad and disappointed. Melissa lunged at him, making them both fall into the soft snow. None of them cared; they were too preoccupied with kissing. Melissa gave all the love she had for Zayn into a kiss, trying to show her feelings with it. They slowly pulled away, panting heavily; a little from running, but mostly from the kiss. They were both still in their pyjamas, laying in the snow on a Christmas morning. “Is that a yes? Cause’ it felt like a ye-” “You idiot.” Melissa breathed happily, closing his mouth with hers.